“Yoga for tweens”

Programme aimed at children from 7 to 12 years. A programme specially designed for tweens to become aware of their body, to explore emotions, to develop flexibility, strength, coordination and concentration for a healthy and balanced life. At the same time self-awareness is promoted in a low stress environment, where nobody evaluates them; each person follows their own rhythm.

“Yoga for adults”

Programme aimed at adults interested in their integral well-being (physical, mental and emotional).

“Yoga for seniors”

Sessions for over 55s . Yoga is a wonderful exercise for any age group that you can do all your life.

“One to one classes”

Adapted practice to specific needs and abilities.

“Family yoga”

Sporadic sessions throughout the year to enjoy family connection through yoga. Sharing is fun and nourishes the heart.

“Yoga workshops”

Yoga workshops for companies, schools, associations and entities committed to the well-being of their workers, students and/or users.

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